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“It’s the night before Christmas. The Christmas Tree is twinkling. The reindeer are ready. The presents are piled high. But something is missing at the North Pole – Santa has lost his laugh! Instead of saying “Ho, Ho, Ho”, he’s saying “Oh No, No No!” Help our Christmas friends bring Santa’s laugh back in time for his trip around the world on Christmas Eve! It’s a fun-filled show, with reindeer, elves, snowmen, presents and Christmas treats.

Our highly popular Christmas show is back for 2022, incorporating all the fun and magic of the most magical day of the year, with opportunities for children to join in the performance and develop skills such as characterisation and speaking before an audience. We also address curriculum topics such as Communication, Personal Capabilities, and the Arts.It’s laugh-out-loud fun for everyone, including the teachers! A great way to finish the year for Primary Schools and Pre-Schools, and guaranteed festive fun for Libraries and School Holiday Programs!



There’s trouble in Fairytale Land – Prince Charming is tired of the Princesses getting all the glory – so he’s leaving his story! He has decided to explore other fairytales and find a happier ending – for him. But Rapunzel can’t hear a word he says, and Sleeping Beauty is snoring!”

A unique take on a traditional fairytale performance, including dance music and references to popular culture,“Funny Fairytales!” brings many much-loved characters to life and inspires students to love literature! It also explores the differences and similarities between fairytales, participation in performance, characterisation and role-playing, and the transition from books to performance. It’s an interactive show, including participation by the whole audience – AND roles for selected students to play in the show! Includes the stories ‘Rapunzel’, ‘The Billy Goats Gruff’ and ‘The Three Little Pigs’.



“Welcome to the Hullaballoo Zoo! There are so many things to see and do! You can visit lots of amazing animals, including exotic birds, friendly bears and Gertie the Orangutan, who is always giggling. Mr I M Cuckoo is here to show you around… but something’s wrong. The animals are sad, and they need something to cheer them up. Can you help make them smile again?”

“Zoo Party!” is a fun introduction to the animals of the world, as we take a tour of the Hullaballoo Zoo to cheer up all the animals. There are reptiles, jungle animals, Australian bush animals, birds, bears and more! There are lots of dress-ups and parts to play for children from the audiences, songs to sing and dance to, funny jokes, and a story to join in. There’s even some magic! It’s the perfect start to the summer for children aged 3-10, and a wonderful way to celebrate all the diverse animals of the world.



“Mr I M Serious is presenting his Very Serious Show, with Dour Dragons, a Humourless Horseman, a Solemn Singing Seal and Moody Magic. But his faithful sidekick Hoppy McHopperton has gone missing, and Funny Bunny has been asked to run the show. Funny Bunny likes to laugh and have fun, so what’s going to happen to the show? Now there’s mixed-up magic, silly stories, funny dancing and lots and lots of laughter! Will I M Serious finally see the funny side of life? Find out in this heartwarming show full of laughs, music and surprises!”

This show has been very popular in 2022. Carp Productions will be introducing a new show on the same topic in 2023, so make sure you don’t miss this one! It’s an uplifting show celebrating all the positive things in the world – laughter, fun, music, magic and making friends.