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Carp Productions are offering a great range of incursions in 2024!


PRIMARY SCHOOLS: We have six shows to choose from: “Happy Being Me!” is an ideal Term One incursion, “Carp’s 2024 Book Week Show” in August is a celebration of books and reading, focusing on short-listed and notable Book Week nominees. ‘The Runaway Christmas Tree” is our end-of-year Christmas show. And for any time of the year, we have our Fairytales show “Mirror Mirror”, “Bully-Free Zone” and “Too Many Toys!” on offer. Find out more here:

Primary School Shows


PRE-SCHOOLS: There are nine great shows for pre-schools, with topics ranging from Teddy Bears, Dinosaurs and Zoo Animals to Outer Space, Superheroes and Christmas. All our pre-school shows run for 40 minutes and include puppets, dress-ups, music and chances for the children to get involved too! Find out more here:

Pre-School Shows


LIBRARIES AND HOLIDAY PROGRAMS: This year we have Twelve shows for holiday programs, with even more on request – contact us for more suggestions! We cover nearly everything, from Dragons, Monsters and Aliens to Fairytales, Treasure Islands and of course our popular Christmas show. And don’t forget our kids comedy show, “Crack Up With Laughter!” Find out more here:

Libraries and Holiday Programs




Carp’s Pre-School Shows are structured around the Early Years Learning Framework.

Our Primary School theatre-in-education shows are specifically designed for Foundation-Year Four students. With an emphasis on literature, interaction, music and dancing, our shows illuminate study topics in a fun, entertaining way. In a Carp Productions performance, students are not audience members – they are the stars of the show! Our shows ignite the students’ imaginations and provide a fun learning experience.

With many years of experience specialising in Theatre-in-Education performance, Carp’s team know just how to engage an audience. The actors create a safe, supportive environment where even the more reserved students feel confident to perform in front of the group.

We are constantly updating and refining our topic areas, and offer new shows every year!