Our Shows


Carp Productions are offering a great range of incursions in 2021 for Primary Schools, Pre-Schools, Libraries and Holiday Programs. Check out what we’re offering via our drop-down menus above.

In line with our covid-safe practices, we are also offering the option of outdoor performances for pre-schools. If you have an outdoor area available (preferably a shaded area) let us know and we’ll be happy to set our performance up in that outdoor setting.



We have consulted the government’s coronavirus website for the latest information and have found the following, which is great news for schools (and Theatre In Education Companies!)

“School gatherings involving parents or other external guests no longer have a cap on maximum numbers.” 

“If an event is held with external guests… the density limit of one person per two square metres [is] applied.

“If an event is held exclusively with students and staff from a single school, density limits do not apply “ 

Source https://www.coronavirus.vic.gov.au/transitions-end-year-events-and-other-large-gatherings-schools

By adhering to the restrictions (social distancing and signing in) the website states it is now safe for visitors to perform at schools. 

We hope to visit your school very soon!



Carp’s Pre-School Shows are structured around the Early Years Learning Framework.

Our Primary School theatre-in-education shows are specifically designed for Foundation-Year Four students. With an emphasis on literature, interaction, music and dancing, our shows illuminate study topics in a fun, entertaining way. In a Carp Productions performance, students are not audience members – they are the stars of the show! Our shows ignite the students’ imaginations and provide a fun learning experience.

With many years of experience specialising in Theatre-in-Education performance, Carp’s team know just how to engage an audience. The actors create a safe, supportive environment where even the more reserved students feel confident to perform in front of the group.

We are constantly updating and refining our topic areas, and offer new shows every year!