Primary School Theatre-in-Education Incursions


45 minute performances for the Prep-Year Three levels


Our 2024 brochure is now available! We have NEW shows based around Personal Development, Fairytales, Book Week and Christmas, and we will also be offering updated versions of our popular “Bully Free Zone” and “Too Many Toys” shows.

Each show is engaging, educational and highly interactive. All our theatre-in-education shows are linked closely to the Victorian Curriculum. Through engagement with performance, students learn about self-confidence, reading, literature and self-expression.

Looking for an end of year show that’s fun and engaging while non-denominational? Carp Productions have the perfect shows for you: “Laugh Till You Snort!” and “Crack Up With Laughter!” are both comedy-based shows guaranteed to have your students laughing out loud! Contact us to find out more!

Select from the following SIX SHOWS in 2024:


HAPPY BEING ME! (Personal Development)

King Neptune has announced a special Treasure Hunt. Join us on Treasure Island to discover the most valuable prize of all!”

A show celebrating everyone’s unique capabilities, “Happy Being Me!” encourages students to explore their special skills and qualities, and learn about self-esteem, the importance of friendship, acceptance and diversity, cooperation and teamwork. Learn ‘all about me’ in this entertaining performance!


MIRROR MIRROR! (Fairytales) – Available from Term 2

“The Magic Mirror is about to decide who is the Fairest of Them All – but everyone is behaving strangely!”

A unique take on traditional fairytale performance, including up-to-date music and references to popular culture,“Mirror Mirror!” brings many much-loved characters to life and inspires students to love literature! It also explores the differences and similarities between fairytales, participation in performance, characterisation and role-playing, and the transition from books to performance.

* Please Note: If you would like to book a Fairytales show in Term 1, we are offering our 2023 ‘Fairytale Feast!’ show. Contact us for more information



“Danny has too many toys! They cover the bed, they cover the floor, his parents can’t cope with the mess any more. It’s time to interview each toy and decide which ones to keep The Talkative Teddy? The Lively Lego? The Unique Unicorn? Or the Testy Toy Soldier? Dress up and move as a toy. Learn about their history. Help Danny discover that the most valuable toy may cost nothing at all!”

An action-packed show highlighting the many uses and purposes of modern and olden day toys. We look at why different toys are designed in their own particular styles, and who they are targeted at, as well as: the history of toys; how different toys compare to each other; the way they move; what they’re made from; and the forces used to make toys move by themselves.



“With a flick of our magical wand, we’ll bring the 2024 Book Week books to life! The theme for Book Week 2024 is ‘Reading is Magic’”

An overview of the short-listed books, a narrative based around this year’s theme, (“Reading is Magic”), and a fun look at some of the nominated books, with audience participation and roles for students to play. Our 2024 Book Week show will inspire students to read and act out some sensational new stories from Book Week. We highlight the benefits of reading, the power of imagination, and the magic of bringing characters to life. Available from the start of August 2024.



“Bull is a bully. He teases all the other farmyard animals, until one day his friends stand up to him and help him realise he needs to change his ways. A show about friendship, developing empathy skills, and addressing a range of anti-bully strategies”

“Bully Free Zone” takes an inclusive, positive approach to the question of social interaction and bullying at the primary school level, presenting the story of a misbehaving Bull who needs to learn why his actions are harmful to others, and start to become a better friend to others around him. It’s a perfect introduction to the topic for lower Primary School students, offering not only a guide to better social interactions, but also a strategy for those who encounter bullying in their own social groups.



“The Christmas Tree is cranky. He’s running away! Join us on a fun-filled chase through the North Pole to find the Tree – before it’s too late!”

With Elves, Reindeer, Snowmen, the Gingerbread Man and even a talking Christmas tree, our Christmas show incorporates all the fun and magic of the day, with opportunities for students to join in the performance and develop skills such as characterisation and speaking before an audience. We also address curriculum topics such as Communication, Personal Capabilities, and the Arts.It’s laugh-out-loud fun for everyone, including the teachers! Available from the start of November 2024.


*NOTE: Please be advised that a cancellation fee of 30% of the total cost applies to any show cancelled within 30 days of the booked performance. If the cancellation occurs within seven (7) days of the performance the fee is 50% of the total cost. Confirmation of booking by the school is undertaken on the understanding that this fee is applicable.

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