Primary School Theatre-in-Education Incursions


45 minute performances for the Prep-Year Three levels



We’ve all had both our first and second doses, and are fully compliant with all covid regulations, so you can rely on us for healthy and safe incursions as soon as schools are re-opened and visitors once again allowed. We’re looking forward to seeing you all again!



Each show is engaging, educational and highly interactive. All our theatre-in-education shows are linked closely to the Victorian Curriculum. Through engagement with performance, students learn about self-confidence, reading, literature and self-expression.

Our prices remain the same as for 2020 – and there’s no cancellation fee if a show needs to be cancelled for covid-19 related reasons.

Select from the following Seven Shows:


MARVELLOUS ME! (Personal Development)

“Roll up! Roll up to the carnival! There’s so much to see and do! Most importantly, the performers will show you how to be proud to be you! Learn to be a good friend. Step this way! Discover that being different to others is ok! Enter the funfair – admission is free – and you’ll see that we all have unique qualities!”

A show celebrating everyone’s unique capabilities, “Marvellous Me!” encourages students to explore their special skills and qualities, and learn about self-esteem, the importance of friendship, acceptance and diversity, cooperation and teamwork. Learn “All About Me” in this entertaining performance!



“The famous writer Ima Star is in trouble! Her brand new ‘Traditional Fairytales’ book is being released today – but somebody has mixed up her stories! Cinderella has become Cinderelephant! The Big Bad Wolf is now a Big GOOD Wolf! And the poor Gingerbread Man is a plodding pudding! Help us untangle these twisted tales before it is too late! This 45 minute show looks at two well loved stories – The Gingerbread Man and Little Red Riding Hood. It’s an action packed, hilarious, super-fun fairytale show, bringing many much-loved characters to life and inspiring students to love literature!”

A unique take on traditional fairytale performance, including up-to-date music and references to popular culture,“Fairytales… With a Twist!” brings many much-loved characters to life and inspires students to love literature! It also explores the differences and similarities between fairytales, participation in performance, characterisation and role-playing, and the transition from books to performance.



“Danny has too many toys! They cover the bed, they cover the floor, his parents can’t cope with the mess any more. It’s time to interview each toy and decide which ones to keep The Talkative Teddy? The Lively Lego? The Unique Unicorn? Or the Testy Toy Soldier? Dress up and move as a toy. Learn about their history. Help Danny discover that the most valuable toy may cost nothing at all!”

An action-packed show highlighting the many uses and purposes of modern and olden day toys. We look at why different toys are designed in their own particular styles, and who they are targeted at, as well as: the history of toys; how different toys compare to each other; the way they move; what they’re made from; and the forces used to make toys move by themselves.



“Join us for an epic journey through space and time, as we explore the 2021 Book Week books, and watch them magically come to life! The theme for 2021 is ‘Old Worlds, New Worlds, Other Worlds’”.

An overview of the short-listed books, a narrative based around this year’s theme, (“Old Worlds, New Worlds, Other Worlds”), and a fun look at some of the nominated books, with audience participation and roles for students to play. Our 2021 Book Week show will inspire students to read and act out some sensational new stories from Book Week. We highlight the benefits of reading, the power of imagination, and the magic of bringing characters to life.


OLYMPIC FEVER! (Sport and Fitness)

“With the buzz of the 2021 Tokyo Olympic Games in the air, celebrate sports of all sorts in this high energy show! Learn fun facts about the Olympic Games, and discover some fitness tips too! Suitable for sports fans of any age!”

A fun look at the history of the Olympic Games, with an emphasis on physical fitness, self-belief, the importance of discipline and perseverance, and cooperation with others to achieve a goal, our 2021 Olympic Games show focuses on the host nation (Japan), Australia’s involvement in the Olympic Games, the traditions associated with the Games, and the symbolic importance of the Olympic Games in bringing nations together and celebrating human achievement.



“Meet a Shimmying Spider, Black Boots the Beetle, and a very Hoppy Grasshopper! Enjoy a story about an insect’s life cycle. Join the Queen Bee for the Ugly Bug Ball! With fantastic facts and fun roles to play, you’ll be mad about mini beasts too!”

Creatures from the garden are brought to life with colourful costumes and lively performances. Each mini beast we meet not only teaches the audience about itself, but helps students create their own versions of insects through participation in the performance. We learn about the characteristics of mini beasts, the types found in a typical back yard, their environment and life cycles, how they contribute to the garden environment, and the way they move.



’Twas the night before Christmas – and far from quiet. A cheeky newcomer was causing a riot! It is Christmas Eve and the Chief Elf has his curly toes in a tangle. A mischievous new Elf has arrived, trailing chaos behind her! Now the Reindeer are rowdy, the Christmas Tree is testy, the Sleigh is shabby and the children’s toys are cracked! Will the new Elf cause a catastrophe? Or will she remind us of the true spirit of Christmas? Carp is spreading some Christmas cheer with a show that will make you smile from ear to ear! Featuring the well loved story “Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer”

With Elves, Reindeer, Snowmen, the Gingerbread Man and even a talking Christmas tree, our Christmas show incorporates all the fun and magic of the day, with opportunities for students to join in the performance and develop skills such as characterisation and speaking before an audience. We also address curriculum topics such as Communication, Personal Capabilities, and the Arts.It’s laugh-out-loud fun for everyone, including the teachers!

All our shows – apart from Book Week (from August) and Christmas (from November) are available throughout the year.

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