Covid-19 and Beyond

Covid19 has played havoc with the world, Australia, and more locally Victoria in 2020. We’ve had to adapt to a lot of changes, and some of the things we took for granted previously haven’t been available to us. Here are Carp Productions we’ve really learnt about the enormous importance of entertainment in the lives of Victorians, and the massive hole it leaves when it’s not there for us. Not only that, but teachers and parents alike – not to mention the poor students themselves – have been required to adapt to schooling from home and it’s been a difficult and uncertain period for everyone. Live performance is the lifeblood of what we do at Carp, and there’s nothing like experiencing performance first-hand for inspiring children socially and creatively.

The second wave in Victoria was particularly harsh. We thought things were close to returning to normal in May/June, only to have it all taken away in an upsurge of cases throughout July and August. Home-schooling returned, shops closed, and activity in the community slowed to a trickle. But we’re a resilient people here in Victoria, and thanks to our intense and sustained efforts, the numbers of cases are reducing again.

It’s important for a performing company to stay active in times like this –we could have sat it out and waited for better times; we could have reduced ourselves to tidying up props and costumes, reviewing scripts and maintaining a base level of fitness. But that’s not the Carp way. We were determined to maintain a presence during the lockdown and continue to provide entertainment in the best way possible under the circumstances. We’ve reached out to schools, pre-schools and libraries, and now have a total of fourteen Virtual Performances written, rehearsed and filmed. Some of them are available on our YouTube channel, some provided to schools and pre-schools, and others can be seen on various social media platforms via Melbourne’s great libraries .  We’re planning more too, because social restrictions still keep libraries and many schools from hosting performances for a while longer.  Look out for our Christmas Show, currently in development and available from mid-November.

At Carp Productions we’re committed to maintaining the highest hygiene standards, even under current conditions when the only people we can see are each other. Hand sanitiser is a constant presence in everything we do; we use it before and after every performance, and whenever possible beyond that. We wipe down all of our equipment before and after use, and wash all costumes after performances. We’ve adapted our shows – we’re minimising contact between actor and audience, especially in situations where children are invited onto stage to play parts. We’ll be maintaining a 1.5 metre distance at all times. And we’re keeping a close watch on our health, with a commitment to self-isolate and have ourselves tested if we display the slightest symptoms. You can’t be too careful. We also keep ourselves up to date with updates from the Department of Health and Human Services.

We’re looking forward to seeing you all again! We’re open for enquiries and bookings, and we’re prepared – as always – to meet any challenge and continue to provide our high-quality, entertaining and informative shows into the future. See you soon!