Carp’s Virtual Shows


With Victoria’s covid19 restrictions still applying, and schools, pre-schools and libraries currently closed, Carp Productions have taken over the Virtual World! Throughout 2020 we have been busy creating online shows for you – and we now have a massive FOURTEEN SHOWS across different formats for you to view. We have four created especially for you to view any time on our YouTube Channel, along with three shows especially for Primary School students, and a further six shows for Pre-School children.

Libraries around Victoria have also got on board, and we’re offering eight of our Virtual Shows through libraries in school holiday periods – including “Dreadful Dragons”, a show offered exclusively to Libraries. We have shows on all sorts of topics for you – Dinosaurs, Fairytales, Pirates, Teddy Bears, Dragons, Superheroes, and more! Ask your local library or school about us, and let them know how much you’d love to see a Carp Productions performance through them!



Check out the preview of our Virtual Show “Fairytales – With a Twist!” here!

Carp Productions can assure you that we’re ready and available to perform at any school cleared to re-introduce incursions. We have adopted the Covid-safe guidelines to ensure that our hygiene standards remain impeccable, and are taking extra precautions to keep ourselves and everyone we encounter free from risk. 

But during Terms Three and Four, Melbourne Metropolitan schools have returned to home-schooling. And we have something just for you! We’re offering a 45-minute online version of our popular “Fairytales… With a Twist!” show, making it as close as possible to a live experience of the show, and we’ll be offering it throughout Terms Three and Four as an alternative to live performances, for schools currently restricted from having incursions.

We’re also offering our “We’re All Superheroes!” gender-equality show for Preps as a Virtual show. And in Term Four, our Book Week Show and Christmas Show will be available If you’d like to know more about either, contact us via email or our contact form.

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We’re available for Pre-Schools as well. If you’re interested in a Virtual Show we have plenty to choose from – Dinosaurs, Teddy Bears, The Zoo, Pirate Treasure or Fairytales. Or our wonderful “We’re All Superheroes!” show. Contact us for more information.

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Libraries are very important to us here at Carp Productions. And we love performing for them! During the current covid19 lockdown, we’re offering our shows through libraries across Victoria. Keep an eye out for where you can see one of our library shows online. Or ask your local library about screening a Carp Productions show. We have eight great shows to offer, and we’re keen to keep children entertained through this crazy time.

We’re always ready to provide a library service with a great show for online viewing. It’s the next best thing to seeing us live! Libraries – contact us via our Booking Enquiries page to see how you can get Carp Productions entertaining your local children!

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