Carp’s Virtual Shows


Carp Productions have Virtual Shows available for Primary Schools and Pre-Schools. Our “Fairytales – With a Twist!” show is a hilarious presentation of popular fairytales as you’ve never seen them before, and it’s perfect for viewing in classrooms. Our filmed 2021 Virtual Book Week Show is also now available – it’s a high-energy celebration of this year’s short-listed and notable Book Week books!



Carp Productions are back performing live shows throughout Victoria in 2022. But if you require a virtual show, they are still available – contact us via our booking form for more details!

Our Virtual shows are also available for interstate schools and pre-schools.

We are currently offering Eight Virtual Shows


FAIRYTALES – WITH A TWIST! – The famous writer Ima Star is in trouble! Her brand new ‘Traditional Fairytales’ book is being released today – but somebody has mixed up her stories! Cinderella has become Cinderelephant! The Big Bad Wolf is now a Big GOOD Wolf! And the poor Gingerbread Man is a plodding pudding! Help us untangle these twisted tales before it is too late!

FUNNY FAIRYTALES! – Make a wish, count to 2 and your favourite characters appear for you! Help Red Riding Hood outsmart the Big Bad Wolf! Join the chase to catch the delicious Gingerbread Man! Laugh at the wacky Woodcutter! Boo the brazen Wolf! And watch out for the crafty Fox!

WE’RE ALL SUPERHEROES! – A superhero is coming to visit today! But this hero is unlike any you’ve ever met! This cape-wearing crusader will teach us we all have superpowers, everyone is special, and boys and girls are equally strong and capable. Discover your superpower and learn how to be a super friend, too!

THE T-REX TEA PARTY – You are invited to a T-Riffic T-Rex Tea Party! Meet Pete the Palaeontologist! Search for a Stegosaurus. Dance with the Diplodocus. Enjoy some carnivore cookies! Meet Tim Rex, a dinosaur who really loves to party! A show for everyone who dreams of dinosaurs.

ZOO PARTY! – Come along for a trip to the zoo! We’ll meet a big tiger and a sweet orangutan, too. Help cheer up the kangaroos who are feeling grumpy, slither with the lizards but watch out for the cheeky monkeys!

THE TREASURE HUNT UNDER THE SEA – Join Pirate Puffy Pants on his super fun adventure to the bottom of the deep blue sea! Learn fun ocean facts, meet some special sea creatures and help our pirate discover that the ocean’s real treasure is all the amazing creatures living in it!

TEDDY BEAR, TEDDY BEAR – Bring your own Teddy Bear with you to watch this fun-filled show all about your favourite friend. With bear hunts, games, music and dancing, magic, puppets and stories, you’re sure to have a GRRRRR-EAT time! Includes the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

DREADFUL DRAGONS! – King Cranky Pants’ court is in an uproar! A fierce, fire breathing dragon is heading straight for the castle! Will he find a hero to save the day? Find out in this epic adventure!