The following is a small selection of the wonderful feedback we have received from our satisfied clients:

“Thank you for… such a wonderful production and what an amazing way to end Book Week.  The  students highly enjoyed the interactive feel of the production, especially the opportunity to get up and dance. It was well suited to their age levels and engaged them from the very first moment. The performers should be highly commended for their ability to connect with the students and draw them in” – Rachel, Castlemaine Primary School

“I just wanted to write and say how much the Foundation students LOVED the incursion you did for us last week. It was fantastic! They could not stop laughing and the sheer delight on their faces during the performance was beautiful to see. It was an amazing experience for them and tied in so well with our fairy tale unit. Thank you again.” – Ashleigh Walker, Donburn Primary School

“Thank you for a fantastic performance the students (even the teachers) really enjoyed it!” – Sophie Bouikidis, Newport Gardens Primary School

“I don’t think I need to tell you how much the girls and boys adored today’s performance. It was truly hilarious and just perfect for the age group – we were so thrilled to see the looks on our childrens’ faces – pure joy!” – Mary Whitcher, Girls’ Prep Teacher, Tintern Grammar

“The feedback was extremely positive. The students enjoyed the performance and were able to tell us some facts about mini beasts. It also worked in with our literacy, as we have been looking at poetry and the rhyming aspect went hand in hand. Having students become involved and getting them to stand up and do things on a regular basis kept the students motivated and on task.” – Marlies Gatt, Sunshine North Primary School

“Just wanted to say thank you so much for today! The children (and staff!!) absolutely loved you guys – a thoroughly engaging and highly entertaining performance!” – Nicole Gordon, OSHC Coordinator, Birmingham Primary School

“Thank You! I always love watching your show, and more importantly, so do the children.” Katrina Bound, Patterson Lakes Primary School

“Thanks again for a really wonderful show. We have just spent some time re-planning our program for next week to capitalise on some of the great messages included. There was so much for us to take from the morning” – Lisa Helmore, Manifold Heights Primary School

“Thank you so much to you and Caroline for visiting today. Your performance was wonderfully engaging, interactive and sent a clear message to the students” – Susan Clayton, Lloyd Street Primary School

“Thank you so much for such an entertaining performance at Altona Primary School. It was a fabulous show and we have so much to unpack with the students” – Lainee Barwise, Altona Primary School

“What a treat to see the 2017 shortlisted Book Week books retold in such a fun and interactive way! The kids laughed their way through the entire show and loved getting up and being involved as different characters along the way. The show was perfectly pitched to the age group and the kids already can’t wait for next year’s show! Thanks to Carp for a thoroughly engaging afternoon!” – Liz Reus, Teacher, St Kilda Primary School

“Thank you for the fantastic performance this year during our Book Week celebrations here at Sacré Cœur. As I am sure you could tell by the girls’ laughs, enthusiastic dancing and engagement, they loved the show!” Colleen Williams – Sacré Cœur

“Thank you so much for your amazing, entertaining and interactive performance – ‘The Real Toy Story’. The teachers who were in attendance commented on how much they enjoyed the show and were very impressed with how well it tapped into our learning. We all loved watching the children use and get swept up in their imaginations, the engagement, and of course humour – the children and staff laughed from start to finish. We look forward to seeing you next year” Lisa Bargiamidis – Creekside K-9 College, Caroline Springs

Last Monday after recess all of the Year 1s were lucky enough to see Carp Productions in a book week play, starring Caroline (Jack’s Mum) and Phil. The performance took place in King’s Hall. We went to learn about the stories that have been shortlisted for this year’s book week and to have fun.  All of the Year 1s sat quietly in the hall waiting for the show to begin. When the show started we couldn’t stay quiet for long because it was so hilarious! Some people from each class got to go up on the stage to help with the performance.  We were so lucky to watch the show. It was so funny and so entertaining.  I give this show 5 stars!  By James – Year 1, St Kilda Primary

“The Year One audience were captivated from the beginning. The absolutely  hilarious show had the students laughing and giggling uncontrollably in their seats. The pace, content and change of scenes held their imagination, as well as their attention, throughout the entire performance as they were drawn into the magic of the books and stories. It was great to have the students up on stage and become part of performance in costumes and speaking lines. What a great way to introduce the stories from Book Week and learn about Australia’s literary past! ” – Mollie Buxton, St Kilda Primary School

“This afternoon the Preps were SO lucky to have Carp Productions visit the school and perform their amazing show – Happy To Be Me… The Preps were enthralled for 45 minutes as we explored the idea that everyone is good at SOMETHING! We learnt that we should all be proud of the way we look! Our hair, our smile and our eyes. We learnt that if we make mistakes we should never give up – a VERY strong theme at St Kilda Primary School. Thank you Carp Productions! Entertainment of the highest calibre!” Michael Rennie, Prep Teacher, St Kilda Primary School

“As a teacher for many years, I have been involved in, and witnessed, many theatre productions for children. During this time, the ones from Carp Productions have been outstanding. The shows are topical, innovative and engaging. The children are encouraged to participate in all ways, and they are also encouraged to think about issues that may be occurring for them, such as bullying and discrimination.” Geraldine de Korte – B.Ed., T.P.T.C., G.D.S.E., G.D.M.E., A.Mus.A

“I just wanted to say thank you so much for yesterday. The show was brilliant! The perfect introduction for the children. The storyline and the humour were perfectly suited for preps and there wasn’t a moment when they’re weren’t either smiling or laughing. The children who were incorporated into the show got a real buzz. They were still happily chatting about it today. We can’t thank you enough.” – Christie Holman, Overport Primary School

“The performance was fantastic; the children loved it and thought it was extremely funny” Ashleigh Seeley, Plenty Parklands Primary School

“Hi Caroline, I just wanted to thank you again for yours and Philip’s performances today, you were brilliant and we all enjoyed it very much!” – Anna, Year Two Class Teacher, St Kilda Primary School

Thanks so much for that wonderfully entertaining performance! I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many children with wide open smiling mouths in one place before.The simplicity of your humour is just spot on for this age group and I loved it too! Helen Moore, Deputy Head of Junior School, Ivanhoe Girls’ Grammar School. 

“Hello Philip and Caroline, We would just like to thank you so much for the wonderful performance yesterday for the Preps and the Year 1 students at our school, Wheelers Hill Primary School. Feed back from both the Prep teachers and the Year One teachers was that the performance was entertaining, interesting, interactive and just downright fun. We hope you enjoyed performing at our school and we look forward to booking you for further productions in the coming year.” Tanja Jansen, Year 1 Teacher, Wheelers Hill Primary School. 2014

“I have A LOT of lovely things to say about Carp Productions.The kids haven’t stopped talking about your performance! They are obsessed with reading today! “ Catherine Churchward, Beaumaris Primary School.

“Thank you! The children (and staff) really enjoyed it. Some shed tears from all the laughter. We also got some really great drawings and hopefully some really great writing when we do our follow up sessions tomorrow. Hopefully we will see you back next year. ” Sue, Frankston East Primary School.

 “Hey guys, thanks again for your entertaining and informative performance.The kids really loved it!” Ben Heckathorn – Year 1/2 Teacher, Mountain District Christian School.

“I’ve has lots of great feedback from staff and students throughout the day yesterday –  we really enjoyed the show and its format. Once again thank-you for a great show and performance that had all the attendees engaged and still talking about it the next day.” Jayson Fry, Mossfiel Primary School.

“The children all enjoyed the show and it fitted perfectly with our term focus.” Belinda Iudiciani, Our Holy Redeemer, Surrey Hills.

“A week after your recent visit to Manifold Heights to perform the mini beast show, our children are still talking excitedly about the performance and sharing their writing and photos with anyone who will listen!”  Lisa Helmore, Prep Teacher, Manifold Heights.

“The feedback from the teachers after today’s performance has been amazing – SUCH A WINNER, THANK YOU!” Helen Moore, Deputy Head of Junior School, Ivanhoe Girls’ Grammar School.

“We would like to thank you for the amazing performance that Caroline and yourself put on! It was thoroughly enjoyed by both the students and the teachers. The students were highly engaged and we were very impressed with their enthusiasm and behaviour – they kept talking about it ALL day 🙂 Once again thank you – it was much loved by all!” Ashleigh Gravatt, Melton Primary School.

“I just wanted to email you both to tell you how wonderful the performance was today. The kids absolutely loved it as did all the teachers. The audience participation was awesome and all the kids were talking about what they liked best all afternoon. The students who participated in the show, also showed us a different side to themselves and were very proud of their own performances. Thanks again and we will be booking “Carp Productions” again in the future.” Melinda Johnston, Year one Teacher, Pakenham Lakeside Primary School, August 2013

“Thank you so much for the wonderful performance that Ben and Phillip did for our Preps today. They all LOVED the whole thing and laughed for most of the day.” Megan Farrow, Altona Primary School. 

“Students and teachers thoroughly enjoyed your performance. It is one of the best that we have had in that the kids were engaged the whole time, there was plenty of involvement and it sent a clear message that the kids could understand. Perfect for the start of the year.” Bernadette Kelly, Berwick Lodge Primary School, Feb 2013

“I just wanted to let you know that the preps absolutely loved the performance. The staff also thought the performance was fantastic and very much aimed at a Junior Primary level. Loved the inclusion of the children in the performance also.” Kelly Allan – Melton Primary School

“I just wanted to say a big thank you for yesterday. The preps here at Tecoma enjoyed the production about mini beasts and learnt a great deal. Thanks for such a entertaining performance. The students and teachers thoroughly enjoyed the show.”  Phil Darbyshire – Tecoma Primary School

“We just wanted to thank you for your presentation this morning – the children had such a fantastic time and have been talking about it ever since. It is lovely for us to see the children smiling and giggling!” Tina Hautot – Our Holy Redeemer School, Surrey Hills

“Your company visited us in Term 1 this year and performed your “Marvellous Me” act which we very much loved!  Please let me know how I go about booking in a performance for 2013.” Megan – Altona Primary School

“Thank you so much for your wonderful performance at our school.  Both staff and students found the whole show to be very entertaining, fun and relevant to our theme on the Olympics.  The children were totally involved and interested and really enjoyed the humour, audience participation,props and costumes.” Jenny Mandekic –  Bell Park North Primary School

” Just a quick thank you again for coming out to perform at Reservoir Primary. I received very positive feedback from both teachers and children, obviously all enjoying the performance. Thanks once again and we look forward to seeing you, I’m sure, in the not too distant future” Angela Riggio – Reservoir Primary School

” I just wanted to let you know how great we all thought the performance was and all of the students loved it!” – Liz – St. Mary’s Coptic Orthodox College, Coolaroo. 

“The children had a fantastic time and enjoyed participating in the different plays. I think the teachers laughed more than the children.” Lauren – Primary School teacher

Thank you for the show! We were very impressed and the students absolutely loved it. We had some brilliant writing of their experiences – Danielle Beveridge, Lynbrook Primary School

“Thank you once again for your great performance yesterday. The students really enjoyed it and we had a lot of positive comments from the pre-Prep parents as well who were all laughing as they left.” Jenelle Moore, North Brunswick Primary School

We were all saying today what a wonderful job you both did- it is no mean feat to keep all those young children entertained. Our prep children absolutely loved your performance, and I also had feedback from a kinder mum today saying that her daughter was very impressed with Goldilocks! – Mary Phillips, Patterson Lakes Primary School

The kids haven’t stopped talking about your performance! They are obsessed with reading today! – Catherine Churchward, Beaumaris Primary School

Just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU for coming out to see us on Monday, the Kinder Kids, parents and teachers all loved it, you guys are amazing!!!  Some of the children’s comments from you sure about what they liked the best were:

  • Everything
  • Being the caterpillar
  • When the caterpillar turned into a butterfly
  • The jokes
  • When they both bumped into each other and chased each other around and around
  • All of the funny bits.

Kirsty Meese, Belgrave Heights Christian School

“Thank you so much for your performance. The children thoroughly enjoyed it and the teachers thought it was fantastic and just right for our fairy tale unit. All of the classes came back raving about their favourite parts and how entertaining Price Charming was. Congratulations on a wonderful performance and thank you so much once again for coming down to Torquay.” Elizabeth Rodgers, Torquay College 2015

“I just wanted to say thank you so much for yesterday. The show was brilliant! The perfect introduction for the children. The storyline and the humour were perfectly suited for preps and there wasn’t a moment when they’re weren’t either smiling or laughing. The children who were incorporated into the show got a real buzz. They were still happily chatting about it today. We can’t thank you enough.” Christie Holman, Overport Primary School 2015


“I heard feedback from the other teacher… she was very pleased and said you guys were fantastic! She had never seen you guys before and found the show great!” – Natalie Bryant – Pakenham Springs Children’s Centre

“The children absolutely loved the show! They were engaged the whole time, and loved getting dressed up. It was the highlight of our Term!” Joshua Burgess, St Kilda Balaclava Kindergarten.

“Coral and I just wanted to say thanks so much for a great show, as you could tell the children were very excited about ‘the show’ and were so engaged in it all. Just wonderful to observe some of my more hesitant threes so relaxed and entertained. They were telling their parents all about it at pick up in great detail too.” Dominique Irwin, Renown Kindergarten.

“Thank you for your engaging performance. The show was age appropriate, inclusive and fun. It successfully linked children’s prior learning and experiences. The children loved getting dressed up and taking part in the show, and it’s great to see them so keen to participate. They laughed so much! We always enjoy having you visit – see you next year!”  Naomi Ralph – Ripponlea Kindergarten.

“The show was fun, educational and the children were enthralled! It was a great opportunity for the children to explore role-play and become part of the stories. The performers were so professional and I loved the bright costumes. The children and staff loved it!” Gaby Mena – St Kilda Balaclava Kindergarten.

Thanks Phillip – great new show with you and Caroline mastering the laughs! Milleara Gardens families have loved your shows over the past years with the older school children eager to attend the night as you are performing…A great credit to you guys. Kay Fitzgerald, Milleara Gardens Pre-school.

“One of the best drama incursions we’ve ever had” Nina -Nara Pre-School, Mount Waverley

“..again thanks for today- the show was wonderful and the children were so engaged, they all loved it!” Mary, Co-ordinator, St Kilda Balaclava Kindergarten

“A huge thank you once again for putting on the best show in town! A hit with both children and adults and I was so happy to see the children who I didn’t expect to participate, join in! I know their parents were thrilled to see that happen!”  Rebecca Porteous – Clayton Pre-School

Thanks for a great performance yesterday, the children loved it and couldn’t stop talking about how funny it was. Bec and I thought it was very age appropriate and a supported our very hungry caterpillar theme very well. Seona Charles, Kindergarten Teacher, Pakenham.

“Thank you again for the wonderful show you did – as usual the kids LOVED it!” Michelle – Murrumbeena Kindergarten

“Thanks for the brilliant show on Monday night which was thoroughly enjoyed by a wide range of ages ( baby bear was only 3 and my Mum in her 80’s had a great time. ) We have had great feedback from parents and children who attended.”  Will: “I just laughed my head off” – Jo Bowers, Strathmore Community Kindergarten.


“Carp are consistently brilliant. Their shows are entertaining and engaging. Each performance is highly engaging and interactive and very relevant to children’s interests” – Sue Sargeant – Boroondara Libraries

The performance this morning was very well attended, we had over 60 children, and enjoyed by all – children and parents. So thanks to Benjamin and Philip for their entertainment and enthusiasm! The feedback was great and everyone left the library in such a good mood.  Mandy & Grace, Librarians, Woodend Library, 2015

Thank you for sending Rowville Library the wonderful Carp Productions Show last Tuesday. Our eager audience…loved the show and participated enthusiastically! Thank the wonderful showmen for me, as they were just terrific. They were highly professional, amusing plus their ability to incorporate our budding actors and actresses into the show was extraordinary – well done!” Inger Robinson – Rowville Library

“Thank you thank you thank you for the show this morning. It was sensational! It was wonderful! Thank you so much Philip and Benjamin. It was just great!” Val Smith – Rosebud Library

“I was just wanted to say a huge thank you for your involvement in the Children’s Book Festival.  It was wonderful to have you involved this year! Thank you once again and it was a pleasure working with you.”  Sarah Reynolds – The Wheeler Centre

“I just wanted to say thanks for yesterday. I received emails from teachers at both St Anthony’s and Spring Parks Primary saying what a wonderful show it was and how both students and staff had a really great time” – Stephen Spillard, Children’s and Youth Services Librarian, Greater Dandenong Libraries.

“Hi Caroline and Philip.  I just wanted to say a massive thank you for Sunday. The day went really well and everyone seemed to have a really good time. Your outfits were amazing and the kids all loved engaging with you. Thank you again” – Julia, Mirabel Foundation


“What a fabulous day we had yesterday! Eloise was SO delighted to see Ana and Kristoff arrive yesterday.  She loved every minute.  EVERY Minute of the performance. Every minute of the way Kristoff and Ana engaged her, made her feel very, very, special (while they made sure no one was left out, and everyone had a go of something fun).  They way they held the attention of all of our party princesses was super, and everyone had a great time. The mums that stayed to watch loved it too, and we were just so thrilled with how it all went. Thank you so much. And please pass on my sincere thanks to both Ana and Kristoff for their amazing work.” Sally – East Doncaster, 2017

“Thank you for the fantastic entertainment today. The two actors were fantastic with the children and held their attention for the hour. Everyone was most impressed.” Amanda – Armadale, 2017

“Just wanted to thank your lovely entertainers for their work on Sunday, they were wonderful.  Turns out we had them perform at my older daughters 5th birthday three years ago, at an Alice in Wonderland themed party.  I thought I would use Carp Productions years later and got the same pair of actors – what a really lovely coincidence.  Thanks for everything. ” Tara – Moonee Ponds

“Hi Caroline, I would like to thank you for the wonderful party Sophie had  on Sunday. She had a really terrific time. She loved the water trick and is still wondering how they did it! Everything flowed so well, and it was lovely for me to sit back and watch all the children really engaging in all the activities. I will recommend Carp Productions to all my friends!” Charlotte – Diamond Creek

“Thanks Caroline, the guys were simply fabulous yesterday and my son and all his buddies were talking about it today. What a fantastic show, I’m so glad we booked you! Thanks for making his day extra memorable.” Fran – Essendon.

“This is the second year in a row that you have come and entertained at our twins party and you continue to be the “BEST”.  Captivating 25 kids for 1.5 hours is hard work and you both do with ease. The kids cry with laughter and scream in pure delight. Worth every penny, thank you both so much! ” Jules – Surrey Hills.

I just wanted to thank you guys again for your great work at Lucy’s party on Saturday morning…  the kids all loved it.  I had so many positive comments about how well you did and how it allowed all of us parents a chance to catch up and relax.  I’m really happy with the day and Lucy really loved it. Leonie – Thornbury.

“Philip and Micaela were excellent. I think every parent asked who they were…They really were amazing the way they engaged the kids. Thanks again” Sally – Fairfield.

“I wanted to send a huge huge thankyou to Alice and the Mad Hatter. They did  for such a fantastic job at my daugher’s party on Saturday 18th May 9 (afternoon in Brighton). Ava loved it, was completely immersed in the activities and loved  going to Wonderland! Her little friends loved the theme and activities and the feed back from other parents and children has been all good and postive. Thank you Caroline for sending such wonderful characters to our party. Their involvement, experience and fabulous entertainment ensured a successful party. I can’t thank them enough… I am so happy that Ava’s party was just so lovely and everyone really enjoyed themselves.” Lisa – Brighton.

“Thank you for making Iyla’s 5th birthday the stuff of magic and dreams come true! Peter and Wendy were fabulous and were the icing on the cake.” Luna – Glen Iris 

“Thank you so very much for Luca’s party entertainment on Saturday! We attend every Carp show we can in Melbourne and have never been anything but impressed [and always leave with big smiles on our faces] and having some of that magic in our own home was just a treat. The birthday boy has a new hero in Super Sillyman and all the party guests were captivated. Many thanks again for a really professional party.”  Claire – Tecoma.

“Thank you sooo much for an awesome party. All the kids [and parents] were enthralled and totally captivated – how can I top that next year? I won’t try. I wish you well and am happy to promote your business to all my friends!” Amanda Parkinson –  Taylors Lakes 

“I wanted to thank you for the 2 characters you sent to Ella’s party. They were both fabulous and the party was really successful. She’s my 3rd child so I’ve seen my share of good and bad characters in the last 12 years and I could not have been more delighted with your people!”  Liz – Murrumbeena

“Thank you so much, we were more than impressed.  What a great show you put on for our kids and their friends on Sunday!” Debra – Brighton

“I wanted to inform you that my daughter had a great time with your Princess and Superhero on Sunday. She said to me, ‘I had the best party ever’. She just turned 5 so I am hoping all future birthday parties will turn out as great for her in future years. The performers were great.” Adriana – Coburg, 2016