Terrific Toy Stories!

Terrific Toy Stories – The Toys Show (40 minutes)

See the toys from your Toybox come to life before your eyes! “Terrific Toy Stories” features:

  • A Teddy Bear brought to life through a magic spell!
  • A funny history of toys through the ages
  • A Toy Soldier who needs your help to wind him up
  • A storytelling Dragon toy
  • The story of a bossy Rag Doll who learns a lesson about friendship
  • Lots of dress-ups and audience interaction

Rosie the Rag Doll thinks she is the best toy in the toy box. She laughs at the toy soldier’s stiff marching, and says Teddy’s hat looks silly. But when Rosie is left out of the toy box, she realises how important it is to have friends and be kind to others. Join Woody the Cowboy for his roundup! Dress up as Olaf or Toothless! Join the Toy Soldier parade! If you love toys you’ll love this show.

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This performance is uniquely developed for Pre-School children.

Information about Pre-School performances, including booking details and prices, can be found here.

“A huge thank you once again for putting on the best show in town! A hit with both children and adults and I was so happy to see the children who I didn’t expect to participate, join in! I know their parents were thrilled to see that happen!” – Rebecca Porteous, Clayton Pre-School