Too Many Toys!

Too Many Toys! – The Toys Show (45 minutes)

An interactive performance based around toys through the ages, “Too Many Toys” covers the following aspects:

  • The history of toys
  • A comparison between old and new toys
  • The ways in which toys move
  • What toys are made from
  • The different forces that make toys move

“Do you have too many toys? Danny does! They cover the bed, they cover the floor, his parents can’t cope with the mess any more. It’s time for a big clean up. Danny’s Mum wants us to interview each toy and help decide which to keep and which to give away. Meet a talkative old Teddy! Some lively Lego! A shy Superhero! A disruptive dinosaur! Dress up and move as a toy. Learn about their history. Help Danny discover that the most valuable toy may cost nothing at all!”


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This performance is suitable for students from Prep to Year Three.

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“Thank you for a wonderful show on Wednesday here at Greensborough Primary school. We thoroughly enjoyed learning so much more about toys with you both!! We loved it!” 
Michelle Crawford – Greensborough Primary School.

“Thanks again for your entertaining and informative performance.The kids really loved it!” Ben Heckathorn – Year 1/2 Teacher, Mountain District Christian School.

“Thank you for your wonderful performance of Toy Stories. We all enjoyed it very much. You covered the historical side of toys which is what we are investigating with the topic.” – Paula Mancini,  Milgate Primary School