Mirror, Mirror on the Wall!

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall! – The Fairytales Show (45 minutes)

A unique and engaging look at fairytales, “Mirror, Mirror on the Wall!” encourages students to explore:

  • Storytelling and narrative
  • The differences and similarities between fairytales
  • Participation in performance
  • Characterisation and role-playing
  • The transition from books to performance

“Your attention please! The Magic Mirror is ready to announce who is the fairest of them all! Fairytale Land is full of anticipation, but the characters are behaving very strangely! The Big Bad Wolf is trying to be a Big Good Wolf, the Gingerbread Man has turned into a Ninja Bread Man and Snow White is seeing red! Who will be the Fairest? Includes the stories “The Ugly Duckling” and “The Three Little Pigs”

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This performance is suitable for students from Prep to Year Three.

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“I just wanted to write and say how much the Foundation students LOVED the incursion you did for us last week. It was fantastic! They could not stop laughing and the sheer delight on their faces during the performance was beautiful to see. It was an amazing experience for them and tied in so well with our fairy tale unit. Thank you again.” – Ashleigh Walker, Donburn Primary School

“The children thoroughly enjoyed it and the teachers thought it was fantastic and just right for our fairy tale unit. All of the classes came back raving about their favourite parts and how entertaining Price Charming was. Congratulations on a wonderful performance.” Elizabeth Rodgers, Torquay College

“The show was brilliant! The perfect introduction for the children. The storyline and the humour were perfectly suited for preps and there wasn’t a moment when they’re weren’t either smiling or laughing. The children who were incorporated into the show got a real buzz. They were still happily chatting about it today.” Christie Holman, Overport Primary School