Marvellous Me!

Marvellous Me – The Personal Learning Show (45 minutes)

An interactive performance celebrating everyone’s unique qualities, “Marvellous Me!” encourages students to explore:

  • Their own uniqueness
  • Their special skills and qualities
  • Self-esteem
  • The importance of friendship
  • Acceptance and diversity
  • Cooperation and teamwork

“In Peculiar Primary School, friendship, diversity, acceptance and self-esteem are the most important lessons of all. But Mr I M Dull wants to close it down and make everyone look and act the same. Help our unique teachers – Harriet Humpback-Whale, Elle E Phant and Wizard Wart Nose – show him that it’s great to be different. We all have special qualities which make us unique. And it’s ok to make mistakes – that’s how we learn! Celebrate your individuality, discover the importance of friendship – and be proud to be yourself!”

Victorian Curriculum: Communication, English, Interpersonal Development, Personal Learning, The Arts, Thinking Processes


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Carp Productions Primary School performances are suitable for school students from Prep to Year Three.  Information about Primary School performances, including booking details and prices, can be found here.


“We would just like to thank you so much for the wonderful performance yesterday. Feedback from both the Prep teachers and the Year One teachers was that the performance was entertaining, interesting, interactive and just downright fun.” Tanja Jansen, Year 1 Teacher, Wheelers Hill Primary School

“This afternoon the Preps were SO lucky to have Carp Productions visit the school… They were enthralled for 45 minutes as we explored the idea that everyone is good at SOMETHING! We learnt that we should all be proud of the way we look! Our hair, our smile and our eyes. We learnt that if we make mistakes we should never give up – a VERY strong theme at St Kilda Primary School. Thank you Carp Productions! Entertainment of the highest calibre!” Michael Rennie, Prep Teacher, St Kilda Primary School


Here is an excerpt of a piece written by a Year Three student at Ivanhoe Girls’ Grammar School in response to our 2016 “Proud To Be Me” performance:

“You should always be proud of who you are because it does not matter what you look like, it’s who you are, and everyone looks fine…

Do not listen to other people if they think you do not fit in, believe in yourself not others…

Everyone is amazing, just the way they are, no-one should not be proud of the way they look, as I said everyone looks fine.  Believe in your heart, not other people’s opinions.”