Mighty Mini Beasts!

Mighty Mini Beasts! – The Mini Beasts Show (40 minutes)

Through the dramatic presentation of creatures from the garden, “Mighty Mini Beasts!” looks at:

  • Lots of friendly backyard creatures, including a grasshopper, a ladybug and a Queen Bee
  • The differences between mini beasts
  • Their environment they live in and what they eat
  • How mini beasts move
  • The role mini beasts play in our lives



Explore the wonderful world of Mini Beasts. Be part of a story about the life cycle of an insect. Meet a daring Daddy Long Legs, Black Boots the dancing Beetle, and a ‘hoppy’ Grasshopper! Join the Queen Bee’s Ugly Bug Ball! You’ll be mad about mini beasts, too!





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This performance is uniquely developed for Pre-School children.

Information about Pre-School performances, including booking details and prices, can be found here.

“Thanks for a great performance yesterday, the children loved it and couldn’t stop talking about how funny it was. Bec and I thought it was very age appropriate and it supported our very hungry caterpillar theme very well.” Seona Charles, Kindergarten Teacher, Pakenham