We’re All Superheroes!

We’re All Superheroes! – The Equality and Friendship Show (40 minutes)

A fun and interactive show based on the idea of superhero characters. Utilising music, a story, a poem and a superhero chant, we  show that girls and boys are equally capable, and that everyone is special and unique in their own way.  The show also looks at individual qualities the children have which make them a superhero, or a super friend.

“We’re All Superheroes” presents these themes in a child friendly, positive way, with simple and clear messages and lots of fun.  The children also learn by participating throughout the performance.


A Superhero wrote Philip a letter, and is visiting him today! But this is a hero unlike any Philip has ever met. Through songs, stories and superhero activities, this gender equality show teaches us that boys and girls are equally strong, unique and capable in their own way. So put on your cape and discover your very own superpower – and how to be a super friend! 

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This performance is uniquely developed for Pre-School children.

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