Where’s Your Roar, Dinosaur?

Where’s Your Roar, Dinosaur? – The Dinosaur Show (40 minutes)

A fun, friendly look at Dinosaurs, “Where’s Your Roar, Dinosaur?” features:

  • Cute dinosaur puppets for the children to interact with
  • Beautiful dinosaur costumes
  • Dinosaur songs and games
  • Magic tricks with Trixie the Tricky Triceratops
  • A story with dinosaur dress-ups for children to wear
  • Lots of audience interaction

C Dino 1a

You have front row seats for the most Stegtacular Dinosaur Show on earth! Join in the Raptor Rap and the Jurassic Jump! Meet all your favourite dinosaurs, including a joke telling Triceratops and a baby Brachiosaurus. Includes the story of Terry Dactyl, who loves scaring all the creatures in Jurassic Park with his rather loud ROAR until one day… it disappears! Will he ever find it again? Find out in this dino-tastic show!

It’s a dinosaurumpus!


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This performance is suitable for Pre-School students and Libraries.

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“Thank you for your engaging performance. The show was age appropriate, inclusive and fun. It successfully linked children’s prior learning and experiences. The children loved getting dressed up and taking part in the show, and it’s great to see them so keen to participate. They laughed so much! ”  Naomi Ralph – Ripponlea Kindergarten