Party Themes

SUPERHEROES – Super Silly Man and Super Star

Meet our very own superheroes! The party includes a story about Batman, Superman, and a superhero who saves the day – the birthday child!  All the Superfriends attending the party can help with amazing magic tricks, muscle-flexing treasure searches, and silly Superhero songs.  And they all get a superhero sticker and a treasure bag.

Sillyman Head

FROZEN PARTIES – Anna and Kristoff

Princess Anna requests your company at the grand castle for a magical party. Hunt for Olaf’s carrot nose! Play musical statues at the Ice Palace. Hunt for treasure the cheeky trolls have hidden amongst the rocks. Be part of a story that features all your favourite Frozen characters, such as Olaf, Sven and Elsa. The party also includes a Frozen card and lolly bags, prizes for all and a special gift for the birthday girl straight from the palace!

Anna and Kristoff

FAIRYTALES – Sleeping Beauty or Cinderella and Prince Charming

A magic journey to The Royal Castle! Sit on the magic rainbow carpet and help act out a story featuring princesses, goats, bears and more! Prince Charming has some funny magic tricks (including a special Princess cake trick). Our Princess knows some wonderful games where everyone wins a prize! There’s music at the castle, and the children will even meet the Princess’s dog (a beautiful puppet). The party also includes a magical birthday wish, treasure bags for all, and a birthday card for everyone to sign.


STAR WARS PARTIES – Poe Dameron and Rey/Princess Leia

Travel to a Galaxy far, far away and meet the amazing fighter pilot Poe Dameron and the Jakku scavenger, Rey! Experience your own Star Wars adventure where you are the hero who saves the day! Become part of a story where the light side meets the Dark Side! Play a game with BB8!  Search the planets for treasures! Experience the magic of Star Wars in this action packed party. May the force be with you!

Leia 14


FAIRY DEWDROP’S MAGIC RAINBOW PARTIES – Fairy Dewdrop and Super Sillyman

Slide down the rainbow for a magical trip to Fairyland with Fairy Dewdrop and her friend Super Sillyman! She arrives in her beautiful pink dress with special magic for a fairy dance! Fly under the beautiful rainbow plucked straight from the sky and hunt for treasures in the magical fairy garden! Fairy Dewdrop’s Rainbow Party includes an interactive fairy story, fun games, prizes, lolly bags, singing, dancing, and lots of fairy magic!

Fairy Mic 1

UNDER THE SEA – Jolly Roger and Mermaid Coral

Jolly Roger and Mermaid Coral just need a little magic to transport you to their desert island.  Join us for a trip under the sea; a story about pirates, mermaids and lots of sea creatures; music and dancing; the amazing Water Trick; games with Ariel the mermaid doll (and her magic silver shell) or pirate treasure; a pirate or mermaid birthday card; and a pirate treasure hunt.


VIKING PARTIES –  Berserk Billy and Fearless Fiona

Meet out two super silly Vikings! Travel to a remote island to learn how to be a brave and fit Viking! Hunt for dragon eggs! Learn how to train a dragon in an interactive and very funny game [complete with toy dragon!] See how far you can catapult a sheep! There will be prizes for the Viking brave enough to volunteer for the amazing water trick! Act out a story with all your favourite dragon and viking characters. Hunt for treasure and prizes! So put on your viking helmet and join us for an unforgettable viking adventure!

Vikings C1

ALICE IN WONDERLAND  Alice and the Mad Hatter

Based on the classic children’s book, this party includes: a trip down the rabbit hole to “Wonderland”; a meeting with the White Rabbit (a puppet); a story where children can play the Queen of Hearts, the Cheshire Cat or the Dormouse; silly songs and games with the Mad Hatter; and a crazy, mixed-up Tea Party.  This party also includes magic tricks, prizes, treasure bags, music and an Alice in Wonderland birthday card.

Alice 2


With a sprinkle of pixie dust and a helping hand from the lovable Peter Pan and Wendy, fly to Neverland for an adventure you will never forget! Play pass the wand at Mermaid Lagoon. View amazing magic tricks at The Indian Camp! Steal Captain Hook’s treasure from Pirate Cove…if you dare! Play Following The Leader with Peter Pan, as he leads you around Crocodile Creek and back to the nursery before morning!  Dress up as pirates, fairies, mermaids or lost boys!

Peter Pan

THE WILD WEST  Cowboy Clint and Cowgirl Carrie

Ride to the Wild West and meet the Sheriff – and some friendly cowboys!  See the magical lasso, hunt for gold, and play “Sheriff Says”.  The party includes a cowboy birthday card, a lolly hunt, a Wild West game, and some magic.  Watch out for Wild Bill!  He’s hidden all the treasure and the cowboys need you to help them find it.




Or… for a special birthday treat, we offer:


Please Note: The price for a Deluxe Sparkle Party is different to standard party rates – contact us for more details

Slide down the Rainbow into Fairy Dewdrop’s world and make a wish upon a star!  And meet her friend Super Silly Man!  This party is ninety minutes long, and includes: Games, magic tricks, music, a magic rainbow carpet, a birthday wish, prizes for everyone, a birthday card for all to sign, a treasure hunt with lolly bags for all – AND a personalised story related to the theme of the party and the birthday child.  All you need for a stress-free party…


Face painting, balloon animals and sparkles; Fairy make-up; Rainbow Fairy dances; a Fairy craft activity – make your own wand or mask; Fairy stickers; Presents – lip gloss, bubbles, balls, bracelets, hairclips or toy spiders – and…  A Fairy Letter and Picture from Fairy Dewdrop – sent to the Birthday Girl prior to the party.

For the Ultimate Fairy Party, make your child’s next birthday a Fairy Deluxe Sparkle Party!

C fairy