At CARP Productions, we double the fun, with Two Characters for the price of one at every party!

Carp Productions parties are the best-kept secret in town.  With thousands of satisfied customers all over Melbourne, isn’t it time you got in on the secret too?  Our parties are every bit as fun-filled, exciting and captivating as our performances – and just as affordable too!  With a wide selection of characters to choose from, and a range of activities within each party to keep children of any age interested, there’s something for everyone at a Carp party.  And not only that!

  • Carp Productions is one of Melbourne’s leading children’s theatre companies
  • We have an outstanding reputation for quality and reliability
  • We’ve been an industry leader for more than a decade
  • We have a strong record for repeat bookings and word-of mouth referrals
  • We’re able to cater for any size audience, no matter how large or small

Your party enquiry will be responded to quickly, never longer than 24 hours and most often within the hour, and you’ll be given excellent, personalized service whether booking via phone or through our website. And when we arrive, you can be assured your entertainment will be:

  • Affordable, and great value for money!
  • Themed accordingly with your character choice
  • Interactive and captivating – professional level entertainment
  • Diverse, with unique games, puppets, magic, music, prizes and personalized stories
  • Hosted by energetic and capable actors experienced in Children’s Education

But don’t just take our word for it.  Here’s what people are saying about Carp’s party entertainment:

“This is the second year in a row that you have come and entertained at our twins party and you continue to be the “BEST”.  Captivating 25 kids for 1.5 hours is hard work and you both do it with ease. The kids cry with laughter and scream in pure delight. Worth every penny, thank you both so much!” Jules  – Surrey Hills

“Thanks for a great performance today. All the kids couldn’t stop talking about the fun they had. We were really impressed.”
Sue – Doncaster East

“I wanted to inform you that my daughter had a great time with your Princess and Superhero on Sunday. She said to me, ‘I had the best party ever’. She just turned 5 so I am hoping all future birthday parties will turn out as great for her in future years. The performers were great.” Adriana – Coburg, 2016

 “Thanks Caroline, the guys were simply fabulous yesterday and my son and all his buddies were talking about it today. What a fantastic show, I’m so glad we booked you! Thanks for making his day extra memorable.” Fran – Essendon

And you can find more quotes from satisfied customers on our Testimonials Page


What makes a Carp Party so great?  I’m glad you asked:

Magic!  – From crazy wands, to books that colour themselves in, to disappearing water, to a pin the tail on the donkey trick that’s out of this world, you never know what you might get.  There are even birthday cakes created out of nothing, a sun that completely vanishes, a cat whose tail mysteriously changes colour – not to mention magic bags that can create objects from nothing! Every party has a selection of great magic tricks that will have you puzzling for days.

Prizes! – There are prizes for everyone at a Carp party, but you have to find them first.  Lollipops and treasure bags are hidden around the place, and we guarantee every child will receive one of each.  As you’ll see, finding them is half the fun!  There’s even a special prize for the birthday child.

Wishes! – With just a little sprinkle of magic wishing dust, and a special spell, we can help your wishes come true.  At every party, we set aside some time to help the children wish for the special things they want to do or be. 

Fun Activities! – We have games, a trip to a magic land where everyone can join in, musical statues, even a story where children have the chance to dress up and play a part.  And as a special treat, we have a beautiful Magic Rainbow Carpet to show you – if you can help us coax it out of hiding!

And That’s Not All! – There are songs, silly jokes, a Birthday Card all the children can create together, and other little surprises you can discover on the day.  All packed into one fun-filled hour.  If you like, we can even arrange to stay an extra half an hour to make balloons and do face-painting. 

And Best of All – There are Two Characters at Every Party!  That’s right, we’re Doubling the Fun, with one male and one female character, of your choosing, so that everyone can feel like they’re part of the action, and there’s always something exciting happening. 


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