Parties – FAQ Page

Here are some of the more frequently asked questions regarding children’s parties.  If you have any further queries, we’re more than happy to answer them – you can contact us via the details at the right of the page.


Where Should I Have The Party?

We’re happy to perform at any venue you choose.  Most parents choose to have the party at home, which is preferable for a number of reasons; mostly because it’s somewhere the birthday child feels comfortable and secure.  We can perform both indoors or outdoors – as long as there’s enough space for us and the children to move about a bit.  A lounge-room or activity room works well.  Other popular choices include local community centres and parks – though we would suggest that if you opt for a park you have a back-up venue handy just in case it rains.

Why Two Characters?

Having both a male and female character is something we feel strongly about.  Not only does it provide someone for both boys and girls to identify with, but it also means there are no ‘dead’ spots in the party – while one character prepares for the next part of the entertainment, setting up a magic trick or hiding treasure bags for instance, the other keeps the children’s attention with another activity.  It also means we can provide both balloon modelling and face painting at the same time, if you choose to have them.

What Characters Do You Offer?

You can check our Themed Parties page for some of our more popular combinations, but you can select any male/female combination you like from the list below.

Female: Fairy, Mermaid, Princess, Genie, Witch, Clown, Cowgirl, Superhero, Alien

Male: Pirate, Pixie, Wizard, Clown, Cowboy, Genie, Superhero, Alien.

What Do I Need To Prepare For The Party?

Hardly anything!  We just need space to perform in, and the children to perform to.  For the duration of the entertainment, we take care of everything.  If you choose to have the extra half hour of face painting and balloon modelling, it’s best to be aware that these are one-on-one activities, so it’s a good time to have the food available then.

What Time Should I Have the Entertainers Arrive?

We always suggest the children are invited to arrive at least quarter of an hour before the characters.  Late-comers often have trouble getting involved if the entertainment has started without them.  We always ensure we make those late-comers as welcome as possible, but having them there when we arrive does make things easier for them.

Are You Expensive?

We claim to be the best-value party entertainment in Melbourne, and we mean it!  If you hire cheap options for an hour’s entertainment, you’ll always be taking a risk, as it’s difficult to cover expenses properly and there’s a lot of corner-cutting.  Contact us for an accurate quote, but be sure that we’re always striving to keep our entertainment affordable without sacrificing any of the quality.  We have the advantage of many years’ experience in the field of children’s entertainment, so our focus is strongly on interaction with our audience rather than trying to dazzle them with shiny things.  It’s always about the children.

How Many Children Can You Perform To?

Any number, within reason.  We’ve performed for as few as 5, and as many as 50.  The ideal number for a good party is between 10 and 20 children, just to ensure that they all get a chance to be involved in the fun.  Please note that we structure our pricing so that there is a per-head charge for children once the number gets beyond 10.  Setting the base price at 10 children means we can keep our prices even lower!

Do You Have a Set Routine For Each Party?

The best way to put it is that it’s a well-prepared routine, but it’s flexible.  No party audience is exactly the same, so no entertainment that we provide is exactly the same either.  We feed off our audience, and we provide them with what they best respond to – within the framework we have set up.  It’s important for us to keep in mind that, unlike performances, children’s parties are meant to be fun, and the best approach is to focus on the fun – things they really enjoy might go a little longer, but we’re mindful of providing everything we offer in the course of the party.  That flexibility is something only experienced professionals can offer.

How Much Do You Focus on the Birthday Child?

It’s an important consideration, and one we’re always mindful of.  Some children are introverts and others are extroverts, some like activity, some like magic, some like music.  Some want to be laughing and jumping about, others want wishes and wonderment.  We always adjust our approach depending on how the birthday child acts and reacts.  There’s a way to make every child feel special on their birthday, and it doesn’t always have to be about forcing attention on them.  In many cases they love the attention, and we’re more than happy to give it to them.  In other cases, a gentle approach is required, and we can provide that too.